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In February 2013, a group from Embrace traveled to Haiti for our first mission trip in partnership with Mission Haiti. During that trip, we visited a school of 150 kids in the small, mountain village of Jabouin. The kids didn’t have a school building, and after seeing the need first-hand it was clear that we needed to do something as a church. Alongside Mission Haiti, we built a school for the kids in Jabouin called (a)mbrase lekol, the Embrace School.

Since 2013, we’ve continued sponsoring kids, added additional space to the school, and sent teams to Haiti every year.


Learn more about (a)mbrase lekol and the culture of Haiti, and make Haiti’s story part of your own. 


Haiti shoe drive

Some students who attend (a)mbrase lekol walk up to three hours one way to get to school each week. Help us collect 1,450 pairs of good-quality shoes to make that journey easier. Watch for updates on future collection campaigns!


Send a kid to one of our schools

Your contribution of $25 a month will ensure that each student is given the necessary resources — meals, books, clothes — to succeed in the classroom, along with allowing us to continue developing the (a)mbrase lekol school.

Complete the form below if you're interested in sponsoring a student!


Hop on a plane and experience Haiti for yourself

A trip to Haiti allows you to personally connect with the communities we work with — hear their stories, meet your sponsor students, and start long-lasting relationships.

Join us on a one-week mission trip to Haiti

*Check back soon for more trip dates*