YouTube Fails & Rabbit Trails

A message series on finding contentment and connection

YouTube Fails & Rabbit Trails message series

kick off fall with this new message series starting september 8th!

Four seconds is all the time we have between episodes to decide whether or not to go onto the next one.

Four seconds. There’s no time to breathe in four seconds, no time to think. In a way, that’s kind of like life.

We’re so caught up in scrolling through the lives of other people, going down endless rabbit trails, we feel like there’s no time to think about our own life.

We watch fail video after fail video on YouTube, laughing at how dumb people can be and ganging up on each other to spread hate and gossip.

We’re constantly buying more, posting more, consuming more, all in an attempt to escape the anxiety we feel and maybe for a moment numb the pain.

This isn’t a way to live life! There has to be something better out there, right?

We need to take control of our lives, stop running and start living. Contentment and connection are possible, but they’re not found in going down rabbit trails or watching YouTube fails, instead they’re found in one person: Jesus!

Join us for the YouTube Fails and Rabbit Trails series, starting at your campus Sunday, September 8th!

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