A Word from Adam: Small Groups: Are you in one?

Yup, I’m asking you! Are you in one? Don’t have the time? You’ve never been in a small group before? Worry it might be awkward? Although these are all great questions, they shouldn’t keep you from checking out a small group!


We need others in our lives!

I never cease to amazed with how lonely and disconnected we are as a people. We have literally thousands of Facebook friends, but we don’t have one person we can call at 11pm to pray for us. Whether we’re single, married, or have four kids, we NEED others in our lives. What’s awesome is that we have mixed groups, couples groups, singles groups, college groups and everything in between!

It’s where you’ll be ministered to and it’s where you’ll minister to others.
One of the greatest things as your pastor is when I hear that someone is going through a trial (cancer, a miscarriage, a breakup, or the loss of a job) and I find out they’re in a small group! Why? Because I know that their small group will care for them. When stuff in life “hits the fan” we need people in our lives more than ever. To cry with. Pray with. And more than anything, to simply be with. We need others! On the flip side, there’s nothing better than having people to celebrate with, as well. Since day one of Embrace, our staff hasn’t tried to be all things to all people. Jesus, never intended for it to be that way. Instead ALL of us are called to minister to others.

It’s where you’ll grow in your walk with Jesus!
Whether a small group is going through a book of the Bible, reading through a book like Love Does or digging deeper into the message from Sunday, it’s a place where you can ask questions, wrestle with things and grow deeper in our love for Jesus!

How do I check one out? I’m glad you asked.

#1 If you know someone in a small group or someone invites you to check out their small group … go for it! This is the absolute best way to find a small group!

#2 Take less than a minute to fill out this online form!  We’ll ask for a little information and then send you a couple of groups that would be great fits.

#3 Check out a Connect Group!
If you’ve never been in a small group before or you don’t know where to start, Connect Groups are a great place to go. We have 3 starting up next week. These connect groups are only 3-weeks long and childcare is provided at each one.  This is a great and easy way to check out a group!  You don’t need to do anything other than show up anytime that you can.

  • Tea Campus – Wednesdays (Sept 17th, 24th & Oct 1st) from 6:30-7:45pm
  • 57th Campus –  Tuesdays (Sept 16th, 23rd & 31st) or Wednesdays (Sept 17th, 24th & Oct 1st) from 6:30-7:45pm

We’re not the only church with small groups (it started with Jesus and 12 of his disciples), but it’s a huge part of what we do at Embrace! It may seem like a big step of faith to check out a group, but I promise you … when you find a group that fits … there’s nothing better!

Thankful for the Church.