What In The World! Part 5

Compassion Fatigue


  • Describe a time that you have experienced compassion fatigue.

  • Are you naturally an empathetic person? Why or why not? 

  • Are you carrying weight that isn’t yours to carry?

  • What keeps you from acting to help, or show compassion to others right in front of you? 

  • What is something practical you can do for someone in need in your life?

Go Further

Read through one or more of these passages and answer the questions below:

  • Mark 5:24-34

  • John 8:2-11

  • John 4:4-28

  1. Who did Jesus talk to?
  2. How would you describe his demeanor to the person?
  3. How did Jesus show compassion to the person?

In all of these passages, we see Jesus actually stopping in his path, putting his plans aside, to show compassion to the people in front of him. These were people who were overlooked and ignored by society. Jesus made it his priority to help them in the moment. He knew that there were hundreds of people who needed his help, but instead of having compassion fatigue, he decided to address and notice the people he could help right in front of Him.

What can we learn from Jesus about how to show compassion to other people?

Make The Change

  • Get to work & be present with the people in front of you

  • Make one practical action to show someone compassion in your day-to-day life

  • Pray for at least one person every day this week