Embrace Residency Tracks

See what each track will include

Embrace Residency Tracks

each embrace residency track will include:

Organizational Development: CULTURE

A big part of the Embrace Residency is being part of our team’s culture. Working in a thriving team environment is contagious. Residents are encouraged to participate in and learn from a vibrant and healthy staff and church culture. By doing so, residents will gain ideas and leadership tools to create healthy ministry cultures in their future careers.

Leadership Development: COACHING

To ensure the resident is growing in ministry competence during their time at Embrace, mentors will work with participants to help them grow in the areas of self, relational, and organizational leadership. Resident experiences will include: staff coaching, weekly and long-term team planning and goal setting, conflict resolution, and working to understand the church’s leadership dynamics.

Ministry Development: EXPERIENCE

To help residents grow in their ability to be a dynamic church leader, residents will be encouraged to: foster creativity, develop vision and strategy, look at resources from an abundance mindset, pour into individuals and teams, and see risk-taking, entrepreneurial leadership firsthand. Specific ministry skills that will be developed include: preaching, worship design, stewardship planning, and engagement in our kids and youth programs.

Personal Development: GROWTH

The goal of the Embrace Residency is not only to grow as a leader, but also as a follower of Jesus. Personal growth opportunities will include: being part of a group, creating a self-care and spiritual health plan, and working with mentors to process the residency experience in terms of where God is calling you.