No Thanks

A message series on being thankful even when we're not feeling it

No Thanks message series

a new message series on thankfulness starting sunday, november 10th

It’s that time of year again—time to be thankful for all the blessings, accomplishments, successes, family members, and endless helpings of pumpkin pie God has put in our lives. But what if we’re not feeling super thankful this year? What if all we really want to say is “no thanks!” to all the so-called “blessings” in our lives? 

For the next three Sundays we’re going to talk about just that: finding an attitude of thankfulness when we feel anything but. Because thankfulness isn’t just something we can feel when things are going good. Actually, it’s a perspective we can have in any circumstance—even in the midst of trials, failures, or a lack of resources. 

Have you been through any trials this year? Experienced your fair share of failures? Been faced with a lack of resources? Where we want to say, “no thanks” God shows us how to be thankful, even for the worst life can throw our way. 

We’ll see you at all campuses starting Sunday, November 10th for the No Thanks series! 

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