Made For This

We’re all made for something, but life can often get in the way of finding that something. Fall begins and we get swept up in all the busyness that comes with it—back to school, back to weekly practices, games, teacher conferences and meetings, back to craziness. We’re drowning in to-do lists, trying to stay afloat in the midst of our ocean of appointments. But was life made to be this way? What if we were made for something more? Join us as we learn together what we were truly made for: community, generosity, a healthy work-life balance and so much more—you were MADE FOR THIS.

Made For This pt. 1: Made For Generosity (Travis Finke)


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We're all made for something, it's the way God designed us, but what does it mean to be made for generosity? Oftentimes we associate generosity with money and giving financially, but Paul paints a different picture for us in the book of Romans. Generosity applies to how we live our lives, holding everything we have loosely and being willing to give what we have to others. This is generosity, this is what we were made for.

Made For This pt. 2: Made For Rest (Travis Waltner)


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We know we're all made for something, but how is it possible to be made for rest? Like, I have so much to do, who has time for rest? But the truth is, we were each made to have Sabbath in our lives—to take a day each week to rest and remember, and to do it regularly. Rest isn't optional, we were made for it.


Made For This pt. 3: Made For Monday (Austin Walker)


Sometimes it's hard to think that we're made for work. But just like how we're made for rest, we're also made to glorify God through our work the other 6 days of the week! We were each created to work, using our talents to give God, not ourselves, glory. We were made for Monday!

Made For This pt. 4: Made For Community (Adam Weber)


We're all made for community—to share our lives with other people. The community Jesus wants for us is one where the people in our lives show up, when no ones else does. It's having people who will do anything to drag us to Jesus. Do you have this kind of community? Are you showing this kind of community to others? We were made for this kind of community, let's go out and create it.

Made For This pt. 5: Made To Start With Jesus (Adam Weber)


In the last four weeks we've learned what we're made for: generosity, rest, work, and community. But before anything else, what we're really made for is Jesus. As fall begins and our schedules get crazy, we're made to set Jesus as the cornerstone of our days, of our lives. We were made to start with Jesus.