Influence Series


Influence: the effect on the character development or behavior of someone else. We all have influence—whether that’s through thousands of Instagram followers or with our three closests friends—our lives have an impact. But how do we use that influence? What happens when we don’t see our impact? How can we learn to multiply our lives? […]

Influence Series pt. 1: Who’s holding you up? (Adam Weber)


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Moses' story is one of influence: standing up to Pharaoh, freeing the Israelites from Egypt, leading his people into battle. But though Moses lived a life of remarkable influence, that influence wouldn't have been possible without people by his side holding him up. We too have influence. But when we're tired, when we're restless, when we're needing to step out spiritually, who is holding us up?

Influence Series pt. 2: How Can We Influence Others? (Adam Weber)


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The power of influence is so much greater than we think. It doesn't just happen by mistake. To have true influence we need to be intentional with our actions.

Influence Series pt. 3: Carrying on our influence (Adam Weber)


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The tricky thing about influence is that we may never see its impact. Moses, one of the most influential people in the Bible, never saw the promised land. But does that mean we should stop trying to influence others for Jesus? No. Instead, we are called to chase faithfulness that lasts, not influence that fades.