In The Secret

In The Secret

IN THE SECRET Striving to be seen when we already are. Even feel unnoticed? Completely unseen as a mom? Teacher? Friend? Like you’re living to be validated by others? If we’re honest, so much of what we do is for other people. Their approval. Their applause. Their recognition. We’re trying so hard to be seen when in […]

In the Secret pt. 1: Striving to be Seen (Adam Weber)


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We all tend to wear masks in our lives. Whether it's out of pride, to prove how great we are, or out of shame, to cover up perceived flaws, masks have become part of who we are. But what if we didn't have to put on a mask everyday? What if God already sees us for who we are and loves us anyway? What if He saw us behind the mask all along?

In the Secret pt. 2: Seen as you are (Adam Weber)


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Sometimes we wear masks because we don't want God to see who we really are. But the truth is, in Jesus, God not only sees us, but He also delights in us and approves of us. Good news, right? The world may love your mask, but God doesn't. God loves you. And He sees you as you are.

In the Secret pt. 3: Taking off the Mask (Travis Waltner)


Saying that we will take off our mask is much easier than actually doing it. How do we not only take off our masks, but keep them off and fully grasp how much Jesus loves who we really are?