Heart on Fire

Heart on Fire pt. 1: Starting a Fire (Adam Weber)


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There's a fire that exists inside each of us when we're in the presence of God. But how do we ensure that the condition of our heart is right to ignite a sustainable fire and not just flames that flare up only to burn out? We begin by inviting God's presence into our lives, cleaning out sin, and surrendering control. Do you want your heart set on fire?

Heart on Fire pt. 2: Keeping the Fire Going (Adam Weber)


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It's one thing to start a fire in our hearts, but how do we keep that fire going? How do we set our hearts ablaze? Good fires need oxygen, heat, and fuel to sustain them. We need time with God, community, and a passion for doing something about our faith to keep the fire in our hearts from going out.

Heart on Fire part 3: Enjoying the Fire (Carlos Whittaker)


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God shows us that a fire from him can refine us, it can build us up and help us to live out our purpose. Sometimes when we think about that refining fire we fear it as well, but what if God never intended us to fear the fire? To grow with God and make an impact, we must learn how to enjoy the fire.