Great is Thy Faithfulness

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

When we look around at our lives, there are so many reasons to question the faithfulness of God: Suicide. Miscarriage. Divorce. Job loss. Cancer. Poverty. The list could go on forever. Just looking at all the times we’ve been unfaithful to God, it’s sometimes easy to think that He would do the same to us. […]

Great Is Thy Faithfulness pt. 1: Faithfulness In An Uncertain Future (Adam Weber)


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God's faithfulness is something we all wrestle with at different points in our lives. Especially when it comes to the future, we're quick to doubt that God will be there with us. But here's the truth: God is faithful even when the future is uncertain—His protection, provision, and love will always be there, no matter what the future holds.

Great Is Thy Faithfulness pt. 2: Faithfulness In Failing Health (Adam Weber)


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Where is God when our health is failing? Is He really faithful in the midst of cancer, chronic pain, miscarriage, loss of a loved one? Here's the truth: God's faithfulness never ends, even when our health does. Our pain may not end in healing, but it can end in His peace.

Great Is Thy Faithfulness pt. 3: Faithfulness when we're unfaithful (Adam Weber)


God is faithful to us in all kinds of situations, but what about when we're unfaithful to Him— when we've walked away, replaced Him with other people, things, or passions, let our addictions rule us? God is still faithful, even when we're unfaithful. He will continue to rescue us, time and again, the only thing we need to do is cry out to Him.