Easter At Embrace

Easter at Embrace

A King laid low as death declared victory. Darkness had its way thinking it had won. Thankfully, that’s not the end of the story. God raised the One who laid His life down for us! This is a celebration of Jesus’ victory over death. It’s also a celebration for us because death no longer has […]

Palm Sunday: We Lay Our Lives Down For Jesus


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On that first Palm Sunday, people lay their coats down as Jesus rode past them. This was everything they had, they were giving it all to Jesus. Jesus may not ride down the street on a donkey this Sunday, but we're still called to give our everything to him, to lay down our lives. Because when we lay down everything before Jesus, we find everything in him.

Easter: His Life Laid Down, His Life Raised Up (Adam Weber)


This Easter we celebrate the fact that Jesus' death and resurrection aren't the end of the story. Instead, Jesus rose to give us new life—a forgiven life, a changed life, and a life spent with him. That's not just a celebration for today, but one we can celebrate every day when we choose to lay down our lives for Jesus.