Changed by God


Chosen pt. 1: He Chooses Us (Adam Weber)


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We've all probably felt unwanted or left out in life, but have you ever felt the same way when it comes to God? Here's the truth: God picks us. He's not stuck with us. And we are His, not our own. He does choose us. Every time. The only question is: will you choose Him?

Chosen pt. 2: We Are Changed By God (Adam Weber)


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God not only chooses us, but He also changes us. It takes knowing that it's about a relationship with God, not rules. It takes killing our old selves to be made new in Christ. God changes us. The only question is: do we want to be changed by Him?

Chosen pt. 3: We are called by God (Adam Weber)


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We are not only chosen and changed by God, but we're also called by Him. How does God call us? By name. What are we called to do? To show others His goodness. We were each called out of darkness and into God's marvelous light for a specific purpose. How awesome is that?