Love Has a Name Part 3

Love Extravagantly


  • What makes you visibly excited?

  • When I am with _____, I feel totally and completely loved. Fill in the blank.

  • Who do you give your undivided attention to? Who do you tend to brush off with little thought?

  • What makes you feel tempted to filter or water down the love you want to show someone?

Go Further

Read through John 12:1-8

  • Have you ever given or received something extravagant like the perfume Mary poured on Jesus?

  • What kind of gift/love have you been nervous to give? Why were you nervous? What stopped you from giving it?

  • Mary gave what she had. Even when the disciples made fun of her, she gave sacrificially. When was a time you were hesitant to give something or love someone because it would’ve required sacrifice? If you went through with that sacrifice, what was the outcome?

Make The Change

  • Let someone whom you have overlooked in your life know that you love them

  • What can you do to love that person authentically with no filters?

  • Go do it