Love Has a Name Part 1

Know Their Name


  • Adam shared that he kept his table in his car for a year before using it. He was scared and hesitant. What’s an idea or dream you’ve had that you haven’t pursued?


  • When was a time you had someone take an interest in your name and your story? How did that impact you?

Go Further

Read through Luke 19:1-10

Jesus knew Zacchaeus’ name and it made a huge impact.

  • Have you ever wondered why Jesus would know your name? Why or why not?

  • Are there certain people who you would be excited to have know your name? Others you wouldn’t be excited about?

Make The Change

  • In the next 6 hours, get to know someone’s name. Then, get to know their story and pray with them or for them.

  • If you’re doing this with a group, report back to your group on who you met and how the conversation went. Share with each other the stories you got to know.