We were each made for community, and in turn, made to find purpose through that community. Groups get us connected to people who love Jesus, and love us. Does it get better than that?! Our hope is that being part of a group would be life-giving to you, that you would grow in your walk with Jesus and your relationship with others through community.

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Joining a a group is easy! Just fill out the form, select the campus you attend, select a group that you have interest in, and we will contact your ASAP! 🙂

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More info about Groups:


Large Groups are just that, a chance for a larger group of people to connect, learn, and grow together. Each Large Group will have a specific focus for their time together—that could be anything from going through a book of the Bible or taking a course, to serving together each week.


Small Groups are all about connection and community. We laugh, eat, ask good questions, and tell our stories to each other. At their core, Small Groups are simply a group of people pouring into each other and studying God’s Word together.


Has being part of a group impacted you? Looking to multiply that impact? Leading a Group isn’t about being perfect, it’s about doing life together, it’s about community! We’re so pumped that you want to look into leading a group! Interested in leading or hosting a Small Group? Contact us at for more information.