Greatest Story Ever Told

A new message series on the greatest story we'll ever hear!

Greatest Story Ever Told series

A NEW, summer message series that starts sunday, June 23rd!

You’ve probably heard a handful of Bible stories before—Adam and Eve, Noah and the flood, a baby born in a manger—just to name a few. But the stuff in this book isn’t just a bunch of disconnected narratives from a long time ago, instead it’s one continuous story, the greatest story ever told.

The story of the Bible—from Creation and the Fall to Redemption and Restoration—is one of high drama, good versus evil, ordinary people being used by an extraordinary God, and mind-boggling love. But above all it’s a story that, if we let it, has the power to change us from the inside out, to transform our lives and the lives of those around us.

Because the Bible isn’t just any story, it’s our story, and when we look at our lives through the lens of this living book we discover that we have the ability to live out an amazing story of redemption and restoration in our own lives.

Spend your summer at Embrace and join us for The Greatest Story Ever Told!

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