Great Expectations Part 4

God's Mission is Unchanging


  1. How do you feel about change?
  2. Think of a time in your life where the world around you changed, but you felt God stayed the same. 
  3. God’s unchanging mission on earth is for redemption and restoration. What is one way you’ve seen God at work in the world, despite broken circumstances?
  4. What has been broken in your life specifically that God has redeemed and restored?
  5. How do your current circumstances affect the way you view God? How do your current struggles make it harder to see the big picture that God has for your life?
  6. God’s method to accomplish His mission of redemption and restoration is using us. What is God calling you to that would be part of that mission?

Go Further

Read Psalms 102:25-28

Long ago you laid the foundation of the earth

     and made the heavens with your hands.

They will perish, but you remain forever;

     they will wear out like old clothing.

You will change them like a garment

     and discard them.

But you are always the same;

     you will live forever.

The children of your people

     will live in security.

Their children’s children

    will thrive in your presence.

No matter what your current situation is, God is an unchanging and unshakeable foundation. What are some ways you can remind yourself of that truth?

Make The Change

  1. Find some way that you can “chop wood” and get involved with God’s method in your life and those around you this week
  2. Identify the areas of your life where you aren’t willing to do the work, your part, in bringing God’s goodness and life back to them
  3. What are areas of your life that you need to “chop wood?” Where do you need to do your part to bring God’s restoration and redemption in your life?