Behind The Music Part 2



  1. Is it difficult for you to ask for help? Why or why not?
  2. When was a time you didn’t ask for help but should’ve?
  3. What in your life are you trying to do that you weren’t meant to do alone?
  4. What area of your life is it hardest to ask for help in? Why?
  5. Where do you normally go for help? Is it the place that has the most authority to bring that help?

Go Further

To go further in asking for help, you first need to break through :

  1. Your pride

Think through the role that pride has played in your life. 

  • How have you struggled with pride?
  • How has your pride stopped you from asking for help?
  • What areas are you holding on to pride right now?
  • What can you do to break the window of pride little by little each day?

  1. The noise 

Think through the voices in your life that you regularly listen to.

  • Who are the voices you generally hear from? 
  • How do you discern truth from lies in the noise around you?
  • Do the voices you listen to have authority to speak into your life? If not, what are other voices to listen to that do have that authority?
  • What can you do to focus on the voices with authority and tune out the noise?

Make The Change

Take time to spend with Jesus, asking him for help with your situation. 

  • This could be a simple prayer, such as, “Jesus, I need your help with _____.”
  • Idea: Write this down to look back on in the future.