What's happening in Haiti

Fall 2019 update


Awana's been in operation since September, even through the unrest. We have two guys teaching the class and close to 40 students. I had a chance to go up there this past Saturday. We still have toys to purchase and will be making uniforms in December. We usually make the uniforms in Haiti and they are pretty generic. 

Adult Literacy Program

Has also started but they've been functioning since August. I plan on going up there this week and take pictures and videos as well. I will have more information on the class and make up.

The cafeteria, classrooms, and benches

The cafeteria is finished but still has to be painted, the classrooms are also finished as well but some metal doors and windows still need to be installed, a big majority the benches are finished. The community is excited in having someplace comfortable to have church.

The land purchase

I plan on meeting with the land owner this week to finalize price and hopefully start paperwork soon. The unrest will have something to say about that though. 

Madame Pierre

We plan on having our mountain schools open this coming week. So, I would be able to go up there to take pictures and videos. I plan on making a "Thank You" video from the community of Madame Pierre to Embrace. I will also send out an assessment of the school.