Embrace Academy

We love to tell the story of Jesus, bring the Bible to life, and help parents win!

What if summer camp was on a Sunday?

It's called Embrace Academy! We offer an array of “camp”- style options each Sunday morning, all for free. During each nine-week session, children choose from several different groups based on what they want to learn!

Whether it's painting a masterpiece or throwing the perfect spiral, kids will gain new skills, sing worship songs and learn how to live life through a biblical lens. Most importantly, they'll develop a personal relationship with Jesus!

Be part of the fun!

All of this is made possible by our group leaders. If God has given you a passion for horticulture, we believe that God will use that same passion to reach a child who’s also interested in horticulture. Whatever you love, there's a child who would love to learn from you!

Don't want to strike out on your own? Partner with a friend or family member to teach the 25-minute class each week. God wired us with particular passions and, by linking together these similar interests, we can help both kids and volunteers discover their purpose in building the Kingdom of God!

What are they watching?