Do you have any questions… about God, life or Embrace? We’d love to try to answer them for you.  We’ll be upfront in saying that we may not have all the answers but we’ll do our best.

When are worship services & where are you located?
We gather for worship on Sundays with (e)Kids Children’s Church and nursery available during all services at the St Croix Campus, Sertoma CampusTea Campus, and 57th Street Campus, We also have services at our Online Campus throughout the week.

What should I wear to a service?
Come completely as you are. Blue jeans or shorts… to a business suit or khakis. We’re probably a little more causal than most, but you’ll fit in wearing whatever. Although it might be a bit strange coming in shirtless or wearing a crazy Christmas sweater.

How long are services?
We do our best to keep it right at 60 minutes… not too much shorter and not too much longer.

Do you serve communion? If so, how often?
We definitely serve communion. We currently don’t have a set routine of how often, but we normally serve communion every 4th Sunday. All are welcome to join in communion at Embrace.

What is Embrace’s affiliation?
Embrace is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. The Methodist Church from its founding has had a pretty amazing history. The denomination unintentionally started with a man named John Wesley. John definitely wasn’t a perfect fella but he did some pretty great things. Wesley stressed things like social justice AND salvation at the same time… something not often done by the church then or today.

With all this said… our lead pastor, Adam, was born to a Catholic dad and a Lutheran mom. He was baptized and confirmed Lutheran, saved in a Methodist Church, attended a Lutheran College, has interned with a Baptist and E-Free Church, went to a non-denominational seminary and reaffirmed his baptism at Embrace in 2013.

Basically, if you’re looking for a place to pursue truth (which we believe is found in Christ), you’ll fit right in.

I grew up Lutheran or Catholic with liturgy and process. Am I going to feel comfortable?
We believe you will. We already have a range of people born, baptized and raised Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, etc. other than Methodist. Is there one “right church?” I don’t believe so and as a result I would hope that everyone would feel very welcome regardless of their background.

We’ll be open in saying that you won’t find a typical traditional liturgical service, but you may find aspects of liturgy and tradition from time to time weaved into the services.

What questions didn’t we ask that you would like to know about?
We would love to answer any questions that you might have. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@iamembrace.com.