Interested in becoming a partner (aka “member”) of Embrace? We are so excited that you are! We would LOVE to have you become a part of the Embrace family.

Here’’s the process and how that works here at Embrace:

Embrace 101


Embrace 101
Step 1 is attending Embrace 101. This is one evening long where you’’ll hear about where we’’ve been (our story), where we’’re going (our vision) and everything in between. It’’ll be a laid back chance to ask any question that you might have while learning who we are as a church.

Partner Commitment Card
Step 2…Once you’’ve attended Embrace 101 is deciding whether or not you’’re ready to sign the partner commitment card. You see, we here at Embrace really want it to mean something when we say that “we’’re a partner of Embrace.” Because of this, we’’d encourage everyone to really pray about whether or not we’’re ready to become a partner.  FYI: You’ll need to fill out the Serve Card (Click here) and the My Gifts sheet (Click here) before signing the Embrace Commitment.

Download the Partner Commitment Card here.