Christmas Eve at Embrace

Celebrate Christmas with us this year!

Christmas Eve at Embrace

Looking for a place to call home on Christmas Eve?

Let's just spell it out: most of us feel obligated to go to church on Christmas Eve. It's just what we do. But what if church didn't have to feel church-y? Instead of being just another thing we have to sit through before getting to the gift opening, what if church actually felt like Christmas? What if church felt like home?

Whether Christmas is joyful or stressful, it's your tenth time at church this month or you haven't been in a while, we want you here on Christmas Eve. We'll be singing some songs, lighting a few candles, and there might even be some hot cocoa and cookies involved. But mostly, we just want this to feel like home. For the guy whose family lives out of town and has to be alone this year. For the mom who's stressed to the max after running everywhere all month. For the girl who doesn't think she believes in anything anymore. We want Embrace to be the place you can come to celebrate the season—the happy parts, the sad parts, the I-ate-way-too-many-cookies parts, and everything in between.

Join us for Christmas Eve at Embrace!

Christmas Eve Service Times


720 Figzel Court, Tea, SD 57064

Dec. 20 at 6:30pm

Dec. 23 at 9am and 10:30am

Dec. 24 at 3pm and 4:30pm


16600 7th Street South, Lakeland, MN 55043

Dec. 23 at 10am

Dec. 24 at 7pm


3211 S Shirley Avenue.

Dec. 23 at 10am

Dec. 24 at 3 & 4pm


2800 E. 57th Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57108

Dec. 20 at 6:30pm

Dec. 23 at 8:30am, 10am, and 11:30am

Dec. 24 at 1:15pm, 2:30pm, 3:45pm, and 5pm 

what to expect on christmas eve

Heading to Embrace for one of our Christmas Eve services? Here’s what to expect! We’ll be serving hot cocoa and passing out cookies before and after our services, so we would love for you to grab something to snack on! We’ll do some singing, hear a message from one of our pastors, and light a few candles when we sing Silent Night. It’s going to feel like home, and we can’t wait to see you here! 

Help Others This Season!

Handle with Love

This year we're taking Jesus' command to care for those in our communities literally. Handle with Love, our Christmas serving campaign, kicks off Sunday, November 25th! We'll be partnering with local nonprofits to collect PJ's, socks, underwear, and other basics for kids in foster care. Fill a bag (or 10!) and bring it back to your campus by Sunday, December 16th. Let's take Jesus at his word this Christmas, serving those looking for hope with nothing but love.