This Summer!

This Summer!


I LOVE summer! Every part of it.

Mowing my lawn. Going to the lake. Sitting on my front porch. Taking a nice long walk.

I love summer!

The only downfall of summer?

In the midst of the going, going, and going some more… it’s so easy for our walk with Christ to take a backseat!

Here’s my challenge for all of us this summer:


Find time to be with the Lord. Whether it’s talking with Him while fishing or during our lunch break. Whether it’s reading a Psalm each morning. Whether it’s acknowledging Him while taking in a beautiful sunset. Each day. Find the time to be with the Lord!


Make it to a worship service! Do it! Whether it’s at Embrace or a church in the town we’re visiting. Whether it’s in person or at the Online Campus (we have 16 weekly services and you can join us from anywhere in the world), make it to a service! I can’t encourage us enough to make it a priority.


As always, I’d encourage us to serve! At Embrace or out in the community. Commit to following through with the One Thing each month! Start serving on our tech or first impressions team (find out more here.) Look for ways to serve your neighbors, complete strangers, or friends. As followers of Jesus, we’re here to serve not to be served.

Why this challenge?

Every September I see a wave of us returning to church and more importantly the Lord. We’ve taken the summer off when it comes to our relationship with Jesus and it’s so evident in our lives. We’re struggling to find peace and joy. Our relationships are struggling. And we feel distant from God.

 This summer I pray we’d grow deeper in our love for Jesus!

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This summer I pray we’d have an absolute BLAST! That we’d find the time to unplug and be renewed. That we’d go on an adventure or two. That we’d eat more s’mores than we ever thought possible. And also that we’d grow deeper in our love for Jesus!

Here’s to a great summer!