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This Week’s Updates – 4/14/16

Hey Embrace!

Hope your week is treating you well so far.

This Sunday we’ll be kicking off a new series talking about the heart. We seem to focus on the outside. The external. While God is consumed with looking at our heart! I am PUMPED about this series. Bring a friend. Invite a coworker. I’m praying God moves in a powerful way! More info.

For April’s One Thing, we’re sending Thank You notes. It may seem too simple but the words “Thank You” have the ability to impact a person. Thank a teacher from high school. A friend who was by you during a trial. Someone who shows kindness to others. My hope is that we would send THOUSANDS of thank you notes this month. Need a thank you note? We have them at each campus and we’ll even cover the postage to send it! More info.

God is doing some AWESOME things at Embrace Youth right now! We now have youth each week at Tea, 57th Street, and St Croix! At the end of the month, there’s a retreat in the Twin Cities and this summer our youth are going to camp! #kaboom Find out more here.

Enjoy this beautiful weather and we’ll see you on Sunday!

This Week’s Updates – 4/7/16

Hey All!

I hope everyone’s week is going well!

I’m excited and thankful for so much as we start April, but I want to highlight these three things:

#1 Guest speaker, Annie Downs is back this Sunday and we are pumped! She just released her new book, “Looking for Lovely” on Tuesday and will be sharing a message from it. Annie is awesome, real, and loves Jesus! Reach out and invite a friend to come. More info.

#2 For our One Thing this month, our focus is on being thankful. We have thank you postcards at all campus entryways and hope you grab a few…thank a friend, a co-worker, a random stranger. We’ll even mail them out for you if you’d like! How cool would it be if this month we thanked thousands of people!!! More info.

#3 This Sunday at St Croix, Summit Ave & 57th Street, Embrace 101 will be taking place. If you are new to Embrace, or if you just want to know more about Embrace’s story, where we’re going as a church and how you can be a part of it. Please come and check it out. Root beer floats and childcare will be provided. More info. (Note: Embrace 101 will be held at our Tea Campus on Sunday the 17th.)

See you on Sunday!

Sara’s Story

Each of us has a story. Here is a part of Sara’s.

Grant’s Story

Each of us has a story. Here’s a part of Grant’s.

April One Thing: Thank Yous


Each month, we focus on doing One Thing as a church to show the love of Christ. This month, we are focusing on writing “thank you” notes. A simple note of thanks and appreciation is encouraging and goes a long ways. We hope you’ll participate in this month’s One Thing by writing a “thank you” note to a family member, your local Fire Department, someone who’s served or is currently serving our country, a teacher, a role model, a mentor or friend.

As a church, we hope to write thousands of thank you’s this month. Stop by a One Thing table to pick up a few thank you postcards, drop them back off and we’ll mail them out for you!

“I thank my God always for you…” 1 Corinthians 1:4