What is the Gospel? pt.1

What is the Gospel?

What is the Gospel? How does it save us? How does it change us? How do we share it without being incredibly awkward? What does it look like lived out in our community? These are the questions we’re answering in this series! WEEK 1: What Is the Gospel WEEK 2: Saved by the Gospel WEEK3: […]

What is the Gospel? pt.1 (James Barnett)


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What Is the Gospel. In Romans 1, Paul the Apostle says “it’s the power of God for salvation.” And in 1 Corinthians 15 he says, “by it we stand firm and by it we are saved.” But He says it must be the Gospel according to the scriptures, otherwise, even though we believe a gospel, we might be believing in vain.

What is the Gospel? pt.2 (James Barnett)


How can I know I’m saved? Since the scriptures never mention “praying a prayer” or “accepting Jesus into our heart”, many of us are left fearful because we’ve been buying snake oil. Don’t miss message two as we learn from God’s Word for the assurance of our salvation.