Movies From The 80's

Movies From The 80’s

Everybody loves the 80’s … even if you weren’t actually born yet. This fall we’re going back to the 80’s with a look at the lessons we can learn through some classic 80’s movies! Get nostalgic remembering Back to the Future, Gremlins, and E.T.? Same here! Besides just being a trip down memory lane, these […]

Movies From The 80's pt. 1: Back to the Future (Adam Weber)


What can the 80's movie Back to the Future teach us about Jesus? A lot actually (and not just how to drive a DeLorean)! While Marty McFly travels to the past to change things, Jesus doesn't want to change our past, instead he wants to redeem it. To redeem our past Jesus frees us from it, he's drawn to it, and he uses it. Our past isn't something to be ashamed of, to Jesus it's something to remember and be thankful for.

Movies From The 80's pt. 2: E.T. (Adam Weber)


What do we have in common with a little alien from another planet? We both don't belong on Earth. All E.T. wanted was to go home—as Christians, our home also isn't here, it's in heaven. But while we're here on Earth we're called to think about heaven, bring heaven down to Earth, and eagerly wait for heaven. Someday we too will be heading home.

Movies From The 80's pt. 3: Gremlins (Adam Weber)


Have you heard about the gremlins? They may look cute and cuddly at first, but they can be deadly. Kind of like us and sin. It sounds nice to follow our hearts, but in the end our desires, apart from God, can lead to death. The only way to kill a gremlin is to bring it into the light, the same goes for us. When our sin is brought into the light of God's truth we're able to get rid of it—killing our sinful desires with God's promises and His truth.