Hurt & Heal

Hurt & Heal

Hurt & Heal pt. 1: Jacob (Adam Weber)


We've all hurt someone, probably more than we'd like to admit. All too often our lives are like the story of Jacob and Esau, brother against brother, betraying and hurting those we love most. What do we do when we hurt someone? How do we move forward and right that wrong? Like Jacob, we must admit our mistake and humble ourselves, only then can hurt turn to healing.

Hurt & Heal pt. 2: Esau (Adam Weber)


The story of Jacob and Esau is one of hurt transforming to healing. But how do we begin to heal when someone in our own life has hurt us like Jacob hurt Esau? It all starts with forgiveness, realizing that payback will never pay us back and working to cancel debt because God first canceled ours. Who do you need to forgive today?