“Come follow me.” A simple invitation with the promise of life change. Fishermen. Tax collectors. Pharisees. You. Me. We’re all invited to come follow Jesus no matter where we’re at, but what does following him actually mean? How do we know if our heart is in it or if we’re just going through the motions? […]

Follow pt. 1: What Direction Is Your Arrow Heading? (Adam Weber)


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Jesus extends a simple invitation to all of us: "Come follow me." No matter where we are—new Christian, old Christian, or not a Christian at all—we're all heading in a direction, either toward or away from Jesus. So what direction are you headed? What direction is the arrow of your life pointed?

Follow pt. 2: Listen & Practice (Adam Weber)


Once our heart is pointing toward following Jesus what's the second step in our walk with him? Listening to his Word and practicing what he says. But anyone can listen to Jesus, it's the wise person that puts his teachings into practice. How do we truly follow Jesus? Just do it. Simply do what Jesus says and watch to see where he leads.