Christmas Brings

Christmas Brings

Christmas Brings ... Joy (Adam Weber)


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Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but at times the season brings hard things to the surface. Grief, loneliness, unmet expectations—sometimes it seems like the older we get the less joyful Christmas becomes. But thankfully, Christmas brings so much more than what we're told. Christmas truly does bring joy, but that joy is found in Jesus. And in the midst of this crazy life, we need to fight for that joy, during the Christmas season and every day.

Christmas Brings ... Gifts (James Barnett)


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Most of us know that the Magi brought Jesus gold, frankincense, and myrrh to celebrate his birth. But these three gifts also point to his death on the cross. What if we looked at the story of the Magi in this new way? Not as just another traditional part of Christ's birth, but as a way to point us back to the true center of Christmas: Jesus.

Christmas Brings ... Memories (Adam Weber)


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Memories are one of the things Christmas brings a ton of. But those memories aren't always of happy moments around the Christmas tree. Instead, sometimes Christmas brings ugly memories to the surface, memories of brokenness, pain, and sin. We may not forget those memories, those sins, but Jesus will forgive them.

Christmas Brings ... The Lord (Adam Weber)



Most of us know that Christmas brings The Lord, Jesus, into the world as our Savior. But even though we know Jesus is Lord, is that really how we live in our everyday lives? So often we are the Lord of our own lives—we're in control and we know what's best. How do we make Jesus the true Lord of our lives this Christmas? By giving up that control and getting on our knees.