Easter 2013 Recap!

Hey All!

Did anyone else think Easter Sunday was wonderful?!?! After the 605 service on Sunday, a group of the staff just sat in the sanctuary in awe… talking about all that happened throughout the day.  As I walked to my car, I was exhausted but so incredibly filled! Is our God good or what?!?!

At our staff meetings each and every week, we start with prayer, time in the Word, and then we all share our celebrations from the past week/Sunday. Here are mine from this past Sunday:

–Jesus. And I’m not just saying that because I should. I’m so incredibly thankful for Jesus! I become more aware of my need for Him with each passing day and on Sunday… I just felt like He did some things within me.
–The people. All 1,664 of us that came. Unreal. I’m so thankful that the Lord notices and cares for each and every one of us! Thank you Lord! (Psalm 8:3-4)
–The smiles and laughs. From the crazy game we played during the announcements to the egg hunt. It was wonderful seeing all the smiles and hearing all the laughs. There are few things that the Lord delights in more… than seeing us… His children… filled with joy! (Psalm 100:1-2)
–All of the staff and volunteers. Each and every week… our staff and volunteers absolutely KICK BUTT! I emailed the staff last night… and I just said “GREAT job! Reaching the next person for Jesus is so worth it!”
–All of the great hosts at Embrace! Last week, I asked all of you to consider checking out the 9am or 605 service to help make room for guests that would come at the 10am, and well… our 9am service was PACKED and it was our largest 605 service so far! I saw people helping guests, I saw people picking up trash on the ground, I saw countless people looking to serve… rather than being served! LOVE IT.
–All of you who reached out and invited someone to join us on Easter! Even if the person you invited didn’t come… WELL DONE! As the church, we are the HOPE OF THE WORLD! I pray that we would never lose our passion for reaching the “lost sheep”… the same people Jesus was consumed with! Our desire has never ever been to become a “huge church”… But rather,  it is unapologetically to reach the next person, and the next person, and the next person for Jesus! (Luke 15) I had a wave of people on Sunday say that we need more parking and seating… As of Sunday, I think that just moved from a “want” to a “need”. Crazy!
–Embrace. I just got done responding to 2 hours worth of emails from yesterday. New faces. People who have been coming for years. Person after person saying how thankful they are for Embrace. I feel the same exact way.
–Anyone who committed or recommitted themselves to the Lord! I think the Lord moved in ways we can’t explain on Sunday. The Gospel of John books came in the mail today and we’ll be sending them out to everyone… including the people who joined us online from across the area that asked for one!

Can’t wait to see what the Lord will do next.
Happy Easter!